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Tarot 8

As a student of art and a self taught coder (for the most part) I have found the best way for me to learn a new skill, is to solve a familiar problem in a new way.

Tarot 8 is the eighth exhibition of my tarot card hobby app, written in JavaScript. This time around I wanted to make a mobile app with React Native as well as a React Web application with the same components. Furthermore I wanted to share a Storybook repository of components between them inside a monorepo.


The card shuffling and dealing CSS is from a previous iteration of the app and needed only to convert the coordinates to use React Native Reanimated for mobile, while maintaining a CSS version for web animation.

Shuffle cards            cut and deal acrdsStorybook deal component

New screens for the app are built in mobile first, then converted to web using Storybook to separate the web or mobile specific components. It's also a good place to stub out data required for unit tests.

Tarot card carousel component

Currently the backend is a Firebase data store with Google oAuth. Next iteration planned to convert the small dataset that exists today into a GraphQL API with Postgres and Apollo.