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Porch Group

I paved the way for two teams to go from zero to React Native mobile apps in a whirlwind of growth for both the Porch Group and myself in one years time. Leading engineering efforts for both teams in parallel at the onset, setting up development environments, evaluating options for everything essential in launching a mobile app, all of which considered both end to end proprietary flows vs out of the box solutions. Below is a short list of the considerations that were made during the exploratory phase:

code sharing and organization, build machines, app signing and publishing, versioning, certificates, unit, simulator, device and user testing, authentication, api access and session management, data storage, app state, design systems and UI libraries, performance and UX reporting, marketing links, A/B testing and feature flagging.

Both apps are proprietary applications for customers of Inspection Support Network, launched in Fall 2021, and Porch, currently in an invite only phase.

Inspection Support Network app

Shortly after getting the ISN team up an running I focused my efforts on the Porch mobile app, this time from a product perspective as well as from engineering. Running scrum, writing documentation, managing JIRA issues, leading design reviews and product meetings, interviewing team members, and spending more than 50% of my time writing code and performing code reviews.

Porch mobile app

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