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Real Networks

My first web development role in Seattle. Originally hired as the sole frontend developer for I worked very closely with designers to revamp the company's image, give it as more modern look and feel.

Real homepage 2009   
Real homepage 2010  
Real homepage 2010


After my first year I moved over to the Superpass team, a streaming channel inside the RealPlayer that broadcast the Live feeds for the reality show Big Brother ON CBS. At the time the RealPlayer was experiencing performance issues with the playback of pre-recorded streams and customers weren't very happy. I had a background in Flash development and I proposed building a pre-recorded player using Flash and the web instead of the RealPlayer to overcome some of the issues. After presenting the prototype to the product owners Superpass began to move it's content off of Real Player and into Flash and Silverlight. I also re-skinned the site with updated modern designs.

Superpass in RealPlayer  Superpass redesign
Superpass Flash player