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Sansar client

Sansar PC game client UI built using a C++ implementation of XAML called Noesis Engine. Every interaction and rendering effect had to be added manually, there was nothing "out of the box."

I spent a little over one year working in a completely different environment from JavaScript. With the right amount of hand holding and freedom I was able to transfer all of my experience building web applications to the game client. I introduced a more a modular style of coding to the UI code base, and started working on extending functionality with view properties and shared variables.

Quest System

Sansar Quest instructions panelSansar Quest progress panelSansar Quest objectives panelSansar Quest rewards panel


VR dashboard prototypeVR friends profile screenVR chat panel prototypeVR profile panel




VR hands trying to grasp a 3D panelVR hands trying to grasp a 3D panel


Sansar in game notifications badges